Clan Diversity Diversity is life... Life is Knowledge
Clan Rules

1. Diversity is about tolerance for all kinds of players, PK and non-PK alike. Your clanmates are the ones who will be there for you, so play nice, be respectful, and no arguing over clan talk. If you and a clanmate have a dispute, take it to Tell.

2. As a clan we share equipment whenever possible. If a clan-mate needs a piece of equipment and you have it, give it freely as others will for you. We do NOT sell equipment to fellow clan members. (With a few exceptions, i.e. Manuals, Vandemaar Orbs, exceptionally rare equipment, etc.)

If you need eq that is not readily available from another member, don't hesitate to ask for help with a run. But remember never ask someone to do something that you yourself are not willing to do. If you want the eq, help get it.

3. We have a list of friendly clans. This means we are non-aggressive with these clans, do not attack them and they should not attack you. These are not alliances, which means you do not have to go out of your way to help them nor they you. It doesn't hurt to help but it is not expected of you. Should someone in a friendly clan attack you let a leader know and let them work it out before you personally declare war.

4. Whenever it is possible you are expected to assist the clan and your clan members. If you are working on something or are busy, that is fine, say so. But when you can, lend a hand.

5. Rank is granted for more than one aspect of participation in the clan. Skill alone will not get you rank, nor does time in clan. Rank is based on being a mature well-rounded individual who does everything he/she can for the clan. Rooting does not equal rank.

6. Try not to get CPK'd. At your earliest convenience get a trunk!

7. Members who are inactive for longer than 2 weeks without any form of notice to the clan (via log or leader) will be removed from the clan to make room for active recruits. Should a removed member begin actively playing again they can be reinstated to the Diversity family in the next available slot.

8. See 'Clan Rules' in Game.