Clan Diversity Diversity is life... Life is Knowledge
About Diversity

In the not-so-distant past, when all things were in order and well known, a second class whelp known as Underdog and his lady Wizardress came to the aid of a fellow Galunlati clannie who was suffering in the moat of Wizardry Isle at the hands of the evil clan Enigma. Though the couple fought bravely and with pure hearts, they were outmatched by size, and the beautiful lady Wizardress was slain in a bloody fury by a boastful and arrogant enemy. Underdog was enraged and swore he himself would kill this evildoer one day, and the enmity between Underdog and the clan Enigma was consumated.

Underdog grew bigger, and in his fourth class the circle came around and he found himself again in the moat of Wizardry, surrounded by a slew of enemy stalkers hiding in the muck, seeking him as prey. However, this time he was prepared and had with him his close friend and ally Chryys, the lovely and ever-strong leader of Oracle. The courageous pair was viciously attacked, yet with grace and skill arose victorious, infuriating the enemy. Enigma then declared war on Underdog and his entire clan, and the lady Chryys for her interference.

Under was given warning from the other clan leaders in Galunlati. Galunlati being a non-aggressive clan, the other leaders felt that all members should avoid conflicts if at all possible. It was about this time that Underdog had learned the location of the dreaded Yourban's lair.....

Underdog and Wizardress set off to explore the deadly area further. While working on obtaining the artifacts, they were once again stalked and attacked by another member of Enigma. Though Under and Wiz won the battle, the constant confrontations obviously were not going to stop, and the other leaders forbade Underdog to adventure any further in PK areas.

Shocked and somewhat bewildered by this turn of events, Underdog and Wizardress began discussing their options and it became clear that a whole new breed of order was needed. An so idea was born.

They would make a place, a haven where those who wish to hunt and those who would choose peace could exist in harmony. A clan that would welcome all walks of life and attitude, based on an understanding that what makes us different from each other are our greatest assets. An order of the diverse.

Chryys greatly believed in their cause and put up the roots to make Diversity a reality, Sarge providing the remainder of what Chryys could not. And thus, The Order of Diversity came to life.